Athlete Testimonials

  • ERIC DURR: Road and Mountain Bike Rider

    Big Wheel Coaching has been exceptional to work with! With a busy schedule it's hard to find as much time to ride as I would like, it is reassuring to know I am getting the most out of the time spent on the bike with the personal training program that Big Wheel Coaching puts together for myself on a weekly basis. My personal goal is just simply to improve and the flexibility, motivation and extremely positive attitude found at Big Wheel Coaching is much appreciated for sure.

  • LISA BUCKLAND: Criterium and Track Racer

    In less than three months, Joy has helped me make big improvements in my results. My three favorite things about Joy's coaching style... She's uber engaged...I get feedback EVERY day (HR, power files...everything). She has a gift for instilling a sense of confidence in your ability to train harder and to win. And she helped me get on the podium!

  • MICHELLE ALLEN: All-Around MTB Star! Endurance, Enduro, XC and DH

    I have been riding mountain bikes for many years but was ready to step it up to the next level and try some long distance races. Working with Joy helped me build up my fitness to conquer some great challenges such as the Whiskey 50, 12 Hours of Temecula solo, and the Kenda Cup series endurance races with great results!

  • KEN ADAMS: Endurance Enthusiast

    When I started working with Joy, I was an overweight, out of shape weekend warrior. I knew little about proper training techniques, on the bike nutrition and virtually nothing about the benefits of recovery. I’ve been working with Joy for a couple of years now and the results have been nothing short of amazing. She has patiently encouraged me to incorporate of the bike recovery and recovery rides into my training regimen. She has provided a wealth of information about nutrition, both on and off the bike. She has prepared me for success for every cycling event I’ve participated in. Her training plans have transformed me into a serious bike rider. I recently completed my first double century, in which I dramatically exceeded my expectations, finishing almost 90 minutes sooner than I planned. I am now training for the Furnace Creek 308, my first ultra-endurance event, which will occur later this month. I am accomplishing things on the bike I never thought possible – setting PRs on a regular basis, and it is all due to Joy’s coaching and encouragement. Joy ROCKS!

  • VAN GESANI: Cyclocross B, Road Cat 3, and MTB Racer

    The biggest testimonial I could give is that I have the same or even less time to train then I did 10 years ago, but I'm still able to compete and hold my own in the events I enjoy and not just be suffering off the back. And 10 years ago I was a Cat 5 student and now I'm a Cat 3 with two kids and a full time job. Joy understands both elite athletes AND real world athletes that have jobs and families and other stressors. Working with Joy allows me to train with purpose and fit cycling into my life. My idea of a good cyclist is an all around cyclist. I've enjoyed road, XC and DH mountain biking, and BMX. But I would have to say my favorite is probably cyclocross!

  • CYNTHIA SJOGREN: Time Trialist, Endurance Cyclist and Everest Challenge Finisher

    "Big Wheel Coaching has helped me to realize many items on my Cycling Bucket List. At my age, (I'm a 12 year old trapped in a 50+ body!), I wasn't sure I was capable of achieving these goals! With Joy's guidance, I entered my goal events confidant in my training preparation. My workouts were always changing,fun,and individualized. Joy has a knack for assigning appropriately challenging workouts but flexible enough to make adjustments for unforeseen needs. She is always open to my feedback and concerns, and consistently responded with  encouragement and thoughtful tips. The journey to achieve my goals has been just as satisfying as their completion.  Thanks Joy/Big Wheel Coaching!!!"

  • MARILYN STONER: Cycling Enthusiast

    Joy uses the science of athletic training and nutrition to help each person achieve their best using individualized workouts mixed with inspiration. I can't imagine being successful without Joy. Dr. Marilyn Stoner