• Brian McCulloch
  • Brian McCulloch

Racing Credentials:

  • 3rd General Classification Valley of the Sun Stage Race 2015
  • 4 road event wins in 2014
  • 2012 SCNCA District/State Road Race Champion
  • Integral member of the KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo Cycling Team which won over 30 races in 2014.

The challenge and thrill of competition has always been a driving force in Brian McCulloch’s life. He has a long history of competition and striving to be the best. Brian has been competing in racing activities his whole life, from racing motocross as a young man to being a capable professional-level road cyclist today. After receiving his baccalaureate degree in Business Administration, Brian has always balanced a 50hr work week while pursuing his racing ventures. He is now coaching full-time with Big Wheel Coaching.

Brian is most excited to share his competitive experience with his BWC Athletes in an effort to help them shorten the transition from “budding enthusiast” to “competitive athlete”. However, Brian does not limit his clients to racers, much to the contrary. Part of his greater investment with Big Wheel Coaching is working with all types of riders, specifically beginners and juniors. He believes that each BWC Athletes’ goals are unique and important. He draws on his Athletes’ motivation to achieve their goal and translates that passion into cycling proficiency and, ultimately, event success. This helps each Athlete push through the challenging workouts and dark moments in a training-plan and helps them find enjoyment in the process as they progress toward their cycling goals.

Having raced as a competitive road cyclist since 2006 and racing at a professional level since 2010, Brian has many seasons of 70+ race days. Brian has experience racing and preparing for events from time-trials, criteriums, road races, stage races, and even gravel events. Brian is uniquely qualified to offer Big Wheel Coaching Athletes a perspective on how to consistently seek improvements in multiple aspects of their cycling. No detail or tactic is left to chance as Brian focuses on helping his Athletes’ make substantial gains in fitness, but also sifts through data and performance metrics to find the 1% gains that can make the difference in a break-out performance or simply completing an event.

Previous to road racing, Brian competed in Motocross and Supercross events across the country as he chased the professional circuit. His time competing on a ‘shoe-string’ budget against the well-funded team-sponsored racers taught Brian the importance of being detailed oriented. He brings this same focus and detailed approach to helping his Athletes with physical preparation, equipment preparation, and mental focus/preparation in order to prepare each Athlete for their goal event. Whether you are looking to complete a double-century, ride your first criterium, or get strong enough to smash the local group ride and own some Strava segments, Brian works tirelessly to see his Big Wheel Coaching Athletes succeed.

If you have any questions about Brian’s qualifications or his commitment to his clients please contact Big Wheel Coaching (BMcCulloch838@yahoo.com). He is excited to be the newest member of the Big Wheel Coaching team and is actively seeking new Athletes and building enduring relationships with his current Athletes.

Education And Certifications:

  • B.A. Business Administration, American Intercontinental University
  • USA Cycling Level III Coach
  • Safe Sport Certified