The summer months are upon us and that means that our BWC Athletes are out training, racing, and participating in events across the the country… and some are doing so across the pond in other countries too!

Infinit Nutrition makes great hydration and nutrition products for Endurance Athletes. Photo Credit: Infinit Nutrition.

BWC Partner Discount: Infinit Nutrition
With the heat and humidity that comes with summer training, maintaining adequate hydration levels is a high-priority. Additionally, pre and post-workout hydration should include electrolyte sources so our bodies can replenish depleted electrolyte stores in order to maximize the effectiveness of upcoming training sessions.

With that in mind, Infinit Nutrition has offered BWC Athletes and Newsletter readers a 10% discount on any online order using the discount code ‘bigwheel’.

Our Athletes have found success with many Infinit Nutrition products, including, but not limited to, the ‘Go Far’ and ‘Speed’ hydration mixes as well as the liquid nutrition and cramp-preventing calorie source called ‘Trip Wire’.

You can also make your own custom hydration mix if you prefer a unique blend!

Check out the Infinit Nutrition Online Store:

USA Cycling Talent ID Camps are a great place for Junior Athletes to learn the skills necessary to take their racing to the ‘next level’. Photo Credit: USA Cycling.

BWC At The USA Cycling Talent ID Camp
For those Junior Athletes looking for a way to spend their summer in the saddle, or for parents looking for a fun activity for their junior cyclist, check out Big Wheel Coaching at the USA Cycling Talent ID Camp in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Coach Joy will be leading and coaching various segments of the six-day camp that will serve as an audition and selection event for the US National Team Tour of Ireland roster.

For more information about the camp, which is being held June 16th-21st, please follow this link:

In addition to being a great opportunity for junior Athletes to be seen by nationally recognized coaches for the USA Cycling Junior Program, participants that sign-up through Big Wheel Coaching are eligible to waive the ‘late registration’ fee.

Interested riders can contact us through to be eligible for the discount. Please include “BWC @ USAC Talent ID” in the email subject line.

Coach Joy was interviewed by 4iiii Precision to talk about how Coaches and Athletes utilize power in a time trial. Photo Credit: 4iiii Precision.

Coach Joy Talks Tour Of California Power Files With 4iiii
And for a Coaches perspective about the importance of power-meters in the recent Amgen Tour of California, Big Bear Time Trial, check out Coach Joy’s interview with 4iiii Precision Power Meters:

It offers great insight into how power-meters are being used by world-class professionals to achieve their best in an altitude racing scenario. Enjoy!


Until Next Time, Be Safe, Train Hard, And Have Fun!

Brian & Joy McCulloch
Big Wheel Coaching

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