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  • Coaching Packages

There is no barrier to entry to Big Wheel Coaching! We believe that EVERYONE is an athlete, even if they have not pinned a number on their jersey. The process of training for and striving towards a specific goal is just as important for the athlete completing their first century ride as it is for the elite racer. At each level of being an athlete, we go through the same mental and emotional pressures associated with training.

Coaching services provided for the following: 

  • Road Racing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Cyclocross
  • Century
  • Recreational Cycling
  • Fitness

We presently do not offer triathlon or multi-sport coaching.

Big Wheel Coaching Service Offering

At Big Wheel Coaching, we believe that individualized coaching tailored to each Athlete’s goals using structure and feedback is the most effective approach to see our clients succeed. It is with this in mind that we have developed a broad service offering that allows us to meet an Athlete where their time schedule and budget allows, we think of this as 'attainability' and 'sustainability'. We want you to be successful and we want to use all of the tools in our arsenal to ensure you achieve your goals. Take a look, if you have questions please email or call us, we are happy to answer any questions and help guide you to what Coaching Plan will most benefit you.

A brief description is offered of each of our Coaching Plans, for a better comparison of our service offering, please see the chart below:

BWC Performer Coaching Plan:

Description: As an entry level coaching package, this service level offers a great value to Athletes. An Individual Training Plan is developed and tailored for your specific event(s)/goal(s) based on the information and feedback generated from your initial consultation. This custom workout plan introduces our Athlete’s to the benefit of our cloud-based training diary partner, TrainingPeaks. Your TrainingPeaks Basic membership is provided by Big Wheel Coaching and allows for daily tracking of your workouts. As our basic service offering, this package offers access to our training tools and the benefits of a custom training plan, but limits Coach access and feedback to electronic means, primarily email. See below for more details.

Price: $125/Month

Note: This Coaching Plan can be enhanced with the Event/Race Preparation Consulting service to offer the strategic and tactical preparation necessary for your goal event(s). See the Event/Race Preparation Consulting section for more information.

BWC Challenger Coaching Plan:

Description: This is our most popular Coaching Plan. Along with the benefit of our cloud-based training diary partner, TrainingPeaks, this package includes increased Athlete/Coach contact to include weekly email correspondence and one phone conference per month. Individual workouts will be assigned and progress will be tracked by your BWC Coach on a weekly basis. The Challenger Coaching Plan also allows for one training-plan schedule change/adjustment per month. Additionally, the Challenger Coaching Plan includes weekly review of your Heart Rate and/or Power files by your BWC Coach to track and manage fitness improvements.

Price: $200/Month

Notes: This Coaching Plan can be enhanced with the Event/Race Preparation Consulting service to offer the strategic and tactical preparation necessary for your goal event(s). See the Event/Race Preparation Consulting section for more information.

BWC Contender Coaching Plan:

Description: As our premier Coaching Plan, this service delivers our Athlete’s the best of every service we offer. An individualized workout plan is developed using information gleaned from the initial consultation just as the previous packages, but with the enhancement of an extensive goal setting session. The training diary service offered in our other training plans is further enhanced in the Contender Coaching Plan allowing both Athlete and Coach to utilize cutting-edge tools to track Athlete progress. Along with the cutting-edge data evaluation methods and tools, BWC Contender Athletes receive nearly unlimited access to their BWC Coach. The consistent Athlete/Coach contact via phone and email allows consistent tracking of physical and emotional stressors to keep you on-track and focused on attaining your goals.

Price: $300/Month

Notes: The Event/Race Preparation Consulting service is included in the Contender Coaching Plan, however this may this package may be enhanced with One-on-One Meetings/Rides to super-charge your coaching experience.

Event/Race Preparation & Consulting:

Description: In cycling, having the best legs does not always translate into achieving the best results. That is why Big Wheel Coaching offers Event/Race Preparation & Consulting services. This service is a tailored approach based on the individual needs of the client in order to set them up for success. Whether it is developing a competitive mindset through goal setting and focus, understanding the nuances of race tactics, or even, nutrition strategies for a 200 mile event. This package goes beyond great workouts and feedback. This service puts our experience to work for you to ensure all your hard-work and investment generates maximum results.

Price: $50/Month (Add-On Service)

Notes: This package can be added to the Performer or Challenger Coaching Plan to enhance your coaching experience, but is included in the Contender Coaching Plan. Please email or call us for more details.

One-on-One Instruction/Riding:

Description: Would you like to be more confident when you ride? Do you want to learn the nuanced skills that make a competent cyclist? Or do you need equipment advice from a third party that only has your best-interests at heart? If so, this package is for you. Big Wheel Coaching offers personal meetings/conferences and/or one-on-one riding sessions. Topics include shifting, turning, climbing, descending, safe bike handling, or any other topic that can better enhance your riding experience. With this service we can use our experience to help make your cycling safer, more enjoyable and rewarding, or simply make your training-time more potent.

 Price: $40/Hour, $70/Two-Hours, $125/Four-Hours 

Notes: Do you have questions, want one-on-one instruction on a specific subject, or need more information? We are here to help! Please email or call us to discuss how One-on-One Instruction or Riding can enhance your cycling experience.

Initial Consultation:

Description: Thorough and detailed preparation are two key ingredients in the recipe of success for your Coaching Plan. Therefore we have developed numerous detailed and Athlete focused documents that need to be completed as a part of the Initial Consultation process. Besides getting information on how to best assemble an 'attainable' and 'sustainable' Coaching Plan, the Initial Consultation process allows your BWC Coach to better understand our Athletes training goals and work/life balance. All of this information is important in developing the most comprehensive Coaching Plan possible. 

Price: $100.00, One-Time.

Notes: All personal information requested during the Initial Consultation is kept 100% private and is only used to develop your individual Coaching Plan. At BWC, we take your privacy and your success very seriously, it is a privilege to have you as our client.

Big Wheel Coaching Service Offering Comparison Chart

Initial Consultation:
Individualized Workout Plans:
TrainingPeaks Account:
Coach Contact/Communication:
Email Only
Limited Phone/Email
Unlimited Phone/Email
Training Schedule Changes:
Once Monthly
Heart Rate/Power File Review:
Goal Setting:
Event/Race Preparation & Consulting: